Catawissa Creek



Due to the COVID-19 situation, the club has suspended all trips until further notice

  • PFDs must be worn on all trips. For additional trip rules click here.
  • To go on a trip you must either be a member or their guest. Trip leader contact info is provided to members separately. Click here for membership info.
  • If you would like to go on a trip as a guest but don't know any members, you may email our membership chair (membershipAT to have the trip leader contact you.
  • The club has started using Meetup for some trips. You can sign up for these trips as usual by contacting the trip leader or follow the Meetup link in the table below for that trip.

See Next 60 days / To end of year / Entire schedule

DateDayTrip or ActivityClassLeaderMeetup
 4/4SatSouth Branch RaritanIKevin McCarthy 
 4/5SunNescopeckII+Looie Voorhees 
 4/11SatPine BarrensIYeagers 
 4/15WedWadingIJoe Logan 
 4/16ThuNescopeckII+Looie Voorhees 
 4/17FriUpper Schuylkill (Schuylkill County)IIra Grindlinger 
 4/18SatCleanup - South Branch Raritan IYeagers 
 4/19SunCleanup - MusconetcongIChristopher Meyers 
 4/25SatNeshaminyI+Ira Grindlinger 
 4/26SunCedar CreekIJoe Logan 
DateDayTrip or ActivityClassLeaderMeetup
 5/1-5/3Fri-SunNCSP training upper DelawareI to IITom Wilkins 
 5/2SatLittle SchuylkillIIIra Grindlinger 
 5/2SatLower Delaware - Kingwood to Bulls IslandIKen Heaphy 
 5/3SunWadingIMike Paul 
 5/3-5/7Sun-ThuClarion (Western PA)I+Dennis Skillman 
 5/9SatSouth Branch RaritanIKevin McCarthy 
 5/14-5/15Thu-FriMullica CampingIBruce Wyman 
 5/17SunCrosswicks [Upper]ITom Wilkins 
 5/20WedOswegoIJoe Logan 
 5/23SatMerrill Creek ReservoirFlatMike Paul 
 5/23SatLehighII+Looie Voorhees 
 5/24SunWadingIJoe Logan 
 5/25MonSpruce Run ReservoirFlatBill Mallack 
 5/30SatLower DelawareI+Christopher Meyers 
 5/31SunLehighII+Karen Markley 
 5/31-6/4Sun-ThuUpper James (VA)I to IIDennis Skillman 
DateDayTrip or ActivityClassLeaderMeetup
 6/2TueFarrington Lake [Full Moon]IBill Mallack 
 6/3WedMauriceITom Wilkins 
 6/4ThuDelaware [Full Moon]ITom Wilkins 
 6/6SatLower Delaware - Bulls Island to LambertvilleIKen Heaphy 
 6/10WedCedar CreekIJoe Logan 
 6/13SatNescochagueITom Wilkins 
 6/14SunMerrill Creek ReservoirFlatBill Mallack 
 6/20-6/21Sat-SunRiver Training - DelawareIKen Heaphy 
 6/20SatMusconetcongIChristopher Meyers 
 6/27-6/28Sat-SunRiver Training - DelawareIKen Heaphy 
 6/27SatLehigh Gorge (24 miles)II to IIIIra Grindlinger 
 6/28SunTomsIJoe Logan 
DateDayTrip or ActivityClassLeaderMeetup
 7/3FriPine BarrensIYeagers 
 7/5SunRound Valley FlatBill Mallack 
 7/5SunSafety & Rescue training (1 day) IKen Heaphy 
 7/8WedTomsIJoe Logan 
 7/11SatLower LehighI+Christopher Meyers 
 7/12SunCrosswicks TidalTom Wilkins 
 7/15WedDelaware Phillipsburg to RiegelsvilleIMaddy Wells 
 7/18-7/23Sat-ThuUpper Delaware Hancock to MatamorasI to IIBruce Wyman 
 7/21TueOswegoITom Wilkins 
 7/25SatSpruce Run ReservoirFlatBill Mallack 
 7/26SunLehighII+Karen Markley 
 7/30ThuWadingIJoe Logan 
 7/31FriDelaware (Moonlight)--Tom Wilkins 
DateDayTrip or ActivityClassLeaderMeetup
 8/1SatLower Delaware Riegelsville to TinicumIBruce Wyman 
 8/6-8/7Thu-FriUpper Delaware + Lackawaxen B-Day TripI & IIBruce Wyman 
 8/8SatLower Delaware - Lock 22-23 to RiegelsvilleIKen Heaphy 
 8/9SunSplit Rock ReservoirFlatBill Mallack 
 8/15SatMerrill Creek ReservoirFlatMike Paul 
 8/16Sunpicnic paddleIleader needed 
 8/16SunMohawk picnicn/aRuth Gibson 
 8/18TueTomsIJoe Logan 
 8/22SatUpper, Upper S Branch RaritanI+Christopher Meyers 
 8/23SunLehighII+Karen Markley 
 8/30SunTomsIJoe Logan 
 8/31MonDelaware (Moonlight)ITom Wilkins 
DateDayTrip or ActivityClassLeaderMeetup
 9/5SatLower Delaware - Fireman's Eddy to YardleyIKen Heaphy 
 9/5SatLehigh GorgeII+Keith Klein 
 9/13SunIsland Beach State Park Sedge IslandOpen WaterKaren Markley 
 9/15-9/18Tue-FriAdirondack Canoe CampingIKevin McCarthy 
 9/16WedWadingIJoe Logan 
 9/19SatPaulins KillI+Christopher Meyers 
 9/20SunTomsIJoe Logan 
 9/26SatOswegoIMike Paul 
 9/26SatSouth Branch RaritanIKevin McCarthy 
 9/27SunHudson River PalisadesITom Wilkins 
 9/28-9/29Mon-TueMiddle Delaware - Dingmans to WorthingtonIBruce Wyman 
 9/28MonDelaware (Moonlight)--Tom Wilkins 
DateDayTrip or ActivityClassLeaderMeetup
 10/7WedCedar CreekIJoe Logan 
 10/11SunLehighII++Karen Markley 
 10/18SunWadingIJoe Logan 
 10/23-10/24Fri-SatMullica CampingIDennis Skillman 
 10/24SatWadingIMike Paul 
 10/30FriWading (costumes req'd)ITom Wilkins 
 10/31SatD&R CanalFlatChristopher Meyers 
DateDayTrip or ActivityClassLeaderMeetup
 11/7SatUpper Tohickon/Skills EnhancementI to IIIra Grindlinger 
 11/8SunLower TohickonIIILooie 
 11/14SatMusconetcongI+Christopher Meyers 
 11/21SatGreat Egg Harbor RiverIIra Grindlinger 
 11/27FriPine BarrensILooie Voorhees 
 11/28SatUpper PaulinskillIIDennis Skillman 
DateDayTrip or ActivityClassLeaderMeetup
 12/6SunHiken/aBruce Wyman 
 12/12SatS Branch RaritanI+Christopher Meyers 
 12/20SunWinter Solstice Hike Round Valley Resevoirn/aDennis Skillman 
 12/20SunMaurice River Druid tripIIra Grindlinger 

Trip Leaders Needed: If you are willing and have the knowledge and skill to take on leadership, please consider leading a trip. Contact the Webmaster to have your name added to the schedule.

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