Catawissa Creek


  • PFDs must be worn on all trips. For additional trip rules click here.
  • To go on a trip you must either be a member or their guest. Trip leader contact info is provided to members separately. Click here for membership info.
  • If you would like to go on a trip as a guest but don't know any members, you may email our membership chair (membershipAT to have the trip leader contact you.
  • The club has started using Meetup for some trips. You can sign up for these trips as usual by contacting the trip leader or follow the Meetup link in the table below for that trip.

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DateDayTrip or ActivityClassLeaderMeetup
 1/1TueCedar CreekITom Wilkins 
 1/1TueIce Breaker leader's choice--Dennis Skillman 
 1/12SatOswegoITom Wilkins 
 1/13SunAnnual Dinner--Ruth Gibson 
 1/19SatMusconetcongI to I+Chris Meyers 
 1/26Satwinter hike, Delaware Water Gap area--Dennis Skillman 
DateDayTrip or ActivityClassLeaderMeetup
 2/3SunBike or Hike TBD
date change
--Dean Leistikow 
 2/9SatWading--Tom Wilkins 
 2/16SatS. Branch Raritan--Chris Meyers 
 2/23SatHike or Ski--Mike Paul 
DateDayTrip or ActivityClassLeaderMeetup
 3/2SatD&R CanalFlatKen Heaphy 
 3/9SatN. Branch RaritanI to I+Chris Meyers 
 3/10SunMullicaITom Wilkins 
 3/16SatUpper TohickonI to IIIra Grindlinger  
 3/23SatEast Br Perkiomen (PA)IBruce Wyman 
 3/24SunLamington IDennis Skillman 
 3/30SatMusconetcong--Chris Meyers 
 3/31SunSouth Branch RaritanIKevin McCarthy 
DateDayTrip or ActivityClassLeaderMeetup
 4/2TueD&R CanalFlatKen Heaphy 
 4/6Sat Paulins Kill
venue change - was Little Schuylkill
--Chris Meyers 
 4/9TueBarnegat Bay - Island Beach--Tom Wilkins 
 4/13SatS. Branch Raritan cleanupIYeagers 
 4/14SunMuskie cleanupIChris Meyers 
 4/20SatNeshaminy Creek, PAIYeagers 
 4/24WedWading RiverIJoe Logan 
 4/25-4/27Thu-SatPine Creek canoe campIIDennis Skillman 
 4/27SatPaulins Kill--Leader Needed 
 4/28SunMauriceITom Wilkins 
DateDayTrip or ActivityClassLeaderMeetup
 5/3-5/5Fri-SunNCSP - Upper Delaware--Tom Wilkins 
 5/4Sat Wallkill River
trip canceled
IKevin McCarthy 
 5/5Sun Wading
trip canceled
 5/7TueD&R CanalFlatKen Heaphy 
 5/9-5/10Thu-FriMullica River Camping
date change (was 16-17th)
IBruce Wyman 
 5/11SatLehigh - Glen Onoko to BowmanstownIIDean Leistikow 
 5/11SatLower DelawareIChris Meyers 
 5/12SunOswego RiverIJoe Logan 
 5/14TueCrosswicksITom Wilkins 
 5/17-5/20Fri-MonGenessee R (NY) - Car camping, canoeing Belfast to Letchworth SPI to IIEllen Prill 
 5/18SatSouth Branch Raritan
new trip
IDonna Hall 
 5/18SatLehigh GorgeII to IIILeader Needed 
 5/19SunSouth Branch RaritanIKevin McCarthy 
 5/22WedCedar CreekIJoe Logan 
 5/25SatUpper Upper S Br RaritanI+Chris Meyers 
 5/26SunCedar Creek
Dover Forge to Dudley venue and date change
DateDayTrip or ActivityClassLeaderMeetup
 6/1SatD&R CanalFlatKen Heaphy 
date change
IBill Mallack 
 6/6ThuCedar CreekIDean Leistikow 
 6/8SatS. Branch RaritanIMike Paul 
 6/12WedCrosswicksITom Wilkins 
 6/14FriFarrington LakeFlatBill Mallack 
 6/15SatMusconetcongI to I+Chris Meyers 
 6/16SunWading RiverIJoe Logan 
date and venue change (was 19th. Cedar Creek)
IJoe Logan 
 6/22-6/27Sat-ThuUpper DelawareI to IIBruce Wyman 
 6/22-6/23Sat-Sun Delaware - River Training
cancelled due to high water
--Ken Heaphy 
 6/23Sun Lehigh Gorge
trip cancelled
II to IIILeader Needed 
 6/29-6/30Sat-Sun Delaware - River Training
cancelled due to high water
--Ken Heaphy 
 6/29SatDelaware - Phillipsburg to Riegelsville
venue change (was Holland twp circuit)
IChris Meyers 
DateDayTrip or ActivityClassLeaderMeetup
 7/7SunDelaware - Riegelsville to Tinicum
date change
IBruce Wyman 
 7/10WedToms RiverIJoe Logan 
 7/13Sat Batsto
trip cancelled
IChris Meyers 
 7/13SatS. Branch Raritan
new trip, was Leader's choice
 7/14SunDelaware River (Moonlight)IChris Meyers 
 7/15MonFarrington Lake (Moonlight)FlatBill Mallack 
 7/19FriBike Columbia bike trail, 30 miles
new trip
-Dean Leistikow 
 7/20SatDelaware River - Tinicum to Prallsville MillsIChris Meyers 
 7/27SatFlatbrookIChris Meyers 
date change
IBill Mallack 
 7/28SunLehigh GorgeII to IIIKaren Markley 
 7/31WedWading RiverIJoe Logan 
DateDayTrip or ActivityClassLeaderMeetup
 8/3SatDelaware - Barryville to SparrowbushI to IIDean Leistikow 
was Leader's choice on 8/17
 8/10SatLehigh - Glen OnokoI to IIKaren Markley 
 8/10SatMusconetcong River tree clearing
venue change (was Oswego-Wading)
IChris Meyers 
 8/11SunToms RiverIJoe Logan 
 8/12MonDelaware River (Moonlight)ITom Wilkins 
 8/13TueCarnegie Lake (Moonlight)FlatBill Mallack 
 8/18SunPicnic--Ruth Gibson 
 8/18SunPicnic paddleIYeagers 
 8/24SatSouth B Rockaway CrkIChris Meyers 
 8/25SunLehigh GorgeII to IIIKaren Markley 
 8/28WedToms RiverIJoe Logan 
 8/31SatS Branch RaritanIYeagers 
DateDayTrip or ActivityClassLeaderMeetup
 9/5ThuWading RiverIJoe Logan 
 9/5-9/9Thu-MonAdirondack Canoe CampingFlatKevin McCarthy 
 9/7SatS Branch Rockaway Creek
venue change (was Musconetcong)
IChris Meyers Meetup
 9/8SunBarnegat Bay - Island BeachOpen WaterKaren Markley 
 9/12ThuCarnegie Lake (Moonlight)FlatBill Mallack 
 9/14SatOswego River
date change
IMike Paul 
 9/15SunDelaware River, Water Gap to Belvidere
date change
I+Yeagers Meetup
 9/21SatClean Communities Delaware River Cleanup
Bulls Island to Prallsville Mills
new trip
IChris Meyers Meetup
 9/22SunDelaware - Poxono to Kittatinny Point (Water Gap)
date change
IYeagers Meetup
venue change (was Cedar Creek)
IJoe Logan Meetup
 9/24TueCrosswicksITom Wilkins 
 9/28SatWallkill RiverIKevin McCarthy 
 9/29SunDelaware River - Kingwood to Bulls IslandIMike Paul 
DateDayTrip or ActivityClassLeaderMeetup
 10/5SatSouth Branch Raritan IKevin McCarthy 
 10/9Wed Wading
trip canceled
IJoe Logan 
 10/12SatLamingtonIChris Meyers 
 10/13SunLehigh GorgeII to IIIKaren Markley 
 10/19SatWading RiverIMike Paul 
 10/20SunFall Foliage tripI to I+Yeagers 
 10/23WedOswego RiverIJoe Logan 
 10/25-10/26Fri-SatMullica canoe campIDennis Skillman 
 10/30WedPinelands (Wading?) Costumes Req'dITom Wilkins 
DateDayTrip or ActivityClassLeaderMeetup
 11/2SatLower TohickonIIIDennis Skillman 
 11/2SatUpper TohickonI to IIIra Grindlinger 
 11/9SatMusconetcongI to I+Chris Meyers 
 11/30SatUpper Paulins kill IIDennis Skillman 
DateDayTrip or ActivityClassLeaderMeetup
 12/7SatD&R CanalFlatChris Meyers 
 12/8SunHike--Bruce Wyman 
 12/14SatMusconetcongI to I+Chris Meyers 
 12/21Satwinter hike, Round Valley res. --Dennis Skillman 

Trip Leaders Needed: If you are willing and have the knowledge and skill to take on leadership, please consider leading a trip. Contact the Webmaster to have your name added to the schedule.

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