Catawissa Creek

Mohawk River Training Course: June 2019

Program dates: June 22,23 and June 29, 30 2019

Application deadline: May 31, 2019

Download the training application here.

This is a 4-day sequence of instruction for canoes and kayaks designed to progress students from their current skill level to the next level.

Class size will be limited. Participation will be determined, in part, by the majority of boat types submitted and the similarity of skill level.

The River Training Program is designed for adult learners. The course is very appropriate for some children (accompanied by their parents/guardians). Please consult with the Training Chairman regarding the appropriateness of this course for your child.

Participants must be able to swim, provide their own boats (with current PA Fish and Boat launch permit), personal gear, lunches, and non-alcoholic beverages. Open canoeists will paddle in the kneeling position and therefore knee pads are required; in Class II water helmets are required. Kayakers require helmets and spray skirts for all water classifications. Appropriate boat flotation is needed as well. Please consult with the Training Chairman if you have any questions regarding equipment.

There is heavy emphasis on self-rescue and the rescue of paddling companions. To this end participants will spend significant time IN the water.

The program venues are subject to change based on participant progress, river levels, weather, etc. The start time each day is 9:00 AM. We are usually off the water by 4 PM, however participants should plan additional time to load their boats and gear and run the end of the day shuttle.

For questions, please contact Training Chairman Ken Heaphy at 908-526-4626 or email at kheaphyAT

Download the training application here.

Low brace practice Eddy turn practice on land Brace practice
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